The system tracks the whole process. Consolidation is as simple as that
Easy to transport without leaving home
· pay attention:

1. You need to communicate with Taobao sellers. If the goods are sent out by two express or more than two, you need to provide all the logistics order numbers and go to the official website of the container to make a forecast.

2. When paying on Taobao, please select the warehouse address with [Member Number] or the member number of the message.

3. Please choose [Seller Direct Delivery] for the logistics method when paying Taobao.

①The first step of consolidation:

Before placing an order, register as a member of China Shipping, and log in to your account to start your enjoyable shipping experience.

②The second step of consolidation

After logging in to the membership system, please check your membership number and the warehouse address of each area. When shopping online, please fill in the shipping center address, consignee's name and phone number provided by us as the delivery address. Please note that you must fill in your membership number after the name of the consignee to facilitate the identification of the consignment company's warehousing.

③ The third step of consolidation

After shopping, please enter the courier number and type of goods provided by the seller into the consolidation system through the "Package Forecast" option. For certain countries, you need to fill in to see the contents of the shipment to help customs declaration.

-The goods that have not arrived at the warehouse consolidation center will be displayed on the "Package Forecast" page;

-The goods that have been put into storage will be automatically displayed on the "Package List" page;

Note: As the prohibited items and customs clearance requirements of each country are different, please read our "Terms and Conditions" carefully.

④ The fourth step of consolidation

When the goods arrive at the consolidation center, you can choose to transport the goods to your location in single or combined mode (consolidation application), and choose to receive the goods by delivery or self-collection. The system will automatically calculate the required fees, and you can pay according to the system's prompts to complete the consolidation order.

⑤ The fifth step of consolidation

After we receive the order, we will ship the goods immediately, and we will notify you of the pick-up or delivery arrangements by WeChat push or email push. Want to know the latest situation of your shipment? You can log in to the official website of Consolidation at any time to track your cargo delivery.

The entire shipping process can be clear at a glance as long as you log in to the consolidation webpage.

Consolidation is that simple, hurry up and use it!